Work Samples 

Mark Kelly Profile

A political profile written about Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly before his election in 2020. Read more >>


Broadcast Stories

A collection of videos  showcasing my broadcasting work. Read more >>


Salute to Service

A collection of stories about graduate student service members written for the Graduate College as part of ASU's Salute to Service tradition. Read more >>


COVID-19 Football

A story written about starting football practice during a pandemic in Scottsdale, AZ.  Read more >>


BLM Street Mural

A proposed Black Lives Matter street mural in Phoenix was stalled by City Council members. Read more >>


AIA Coverage of Casteel HS

Coverage of Casteel High School athletics written for the AIA and published on AZPreps365. Read more >>

thumbnail_Casteel Men's Soccer Varsity v

Senior Season in a Pandemic

A multimedia website created to showcase the struggles of senior student athletes whose final seasons were affected by COVID-19. Read more >>

KM Spotlights

Stories written for the Graduate College about the impact of COVID-19 on graduate student research. Read more >>

STORY (1080x1920)-100.jpg

Pandemic Surfboard Sales

A story about the surge of surfboard sales in South Bay, CA, an unexpected result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more >> 


Navajo Storytelling

PhD candidate Jerome Clark is using Navajo storytelling to imagine a better future for his people. Read more >>